Black Desert Mobile 4.6.21 Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk

Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk


Download Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk for Android - Free - Latest Version

Latest Version

Version 4.6.21
Updated September 20, 2022 (5 days ago)
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Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk

Black Desert Mobile 4.6.21 Mod Apk Unlimited Money 2022 Latest Version Game Free Download.

The Black Desert Mobile game is unique in that it is a game that creates its own charm. Jumping, jumping, and escaping, as well as non-invasive operating systems such as the PC version, have a number of unique abilities that the player will focus on (like Blade and Spirit) leading to a tough battle of speed .

About Black Desert Mobile

The best RPG for character editing, Black Desert Mobile, has been released. Play the most popular games among users worldwide in 150 countries with the latest mod from Black Desert Mobile for Android and IOS. Enjoy your rod with unlimited silver and unlimited black gold.

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Simple, free control allows you to customize all aspects of your character! Examine for yourself using a variety of configurations that promote the size of the phone game.

How to play

Basically, the game changer transforms players into one of five classes: Valkyrie, Witch, Ranger, Warrior and Giant. These characters are very expressive and help players to identify the characteristics of each character.

You can not find it in other mobile game products. In Black Desert Mobile, players can use a total of 8 brains. As the number of skills is greater than the number of cells available, players will choose the skill needed to put them on mobile.

The turn in the game is similar to the type of PC that gamers can run or ride

Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Black Desert Mobile offers five character classes: Titan, Slayer, Paladin, and Knight, and the new character Hashashin. Each character class has its own capabilities and uses different weapons. As a result, they grow better at war.

Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Some weapons are powerful, some are fast-paced, some can shoot at enemies from a distance. Overall, the storyline and gameplay of Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk Unlimited Money have not changed much from the original version, but each character class has unique elements, weapons, battles and unique missions.

You can customize your character with great resolution on Black Desert Mobile. You can change your height, body shape, hairstyle and details like eye shape, skin color, eye length etc.

Hunting Guide

Head hunting is one of the most popular programs on Black Desert Mobile. Chiefs often appear in special places around the world, players can gather and kill a leader as he grows up. When the boss dies, the player will recoup the lost wages. Kzarka is one of the strongest leaders.

He is called the Lord of the Rings. It will take time to destroy the world. Do not let Kzarka reach the goal. Because you came to kill him.

Filled with great content that creates the world

We also have three parks to expand and maintain a healthy lifestyle, including fishing and fishing!

Your incredible pleasure will be on horseback with reliable animals. Have more fun than war. For the latest advertising news!

Features of Black Desert Mobile

  • A lot of money
  • Pearl black unlimited
  • Free download
  • Absolute safety
  • Black Desert Mobile mod files are easy to install. Start updating
  • You do not need to root or jailbreak your device!
  • Awesome photo on your mobile
  • Beautiful paintings and luxury! Know the venue perfectly and as beautiful as the original mobile phone.


Permission required:

Files / Media / Images: Used for file capture or pause during gameplay and during gameplay when you draw or close the screen.

Select Authorization:

Microphone: Video recording and voice chat required in the game.

Accessing the application

Permission is required to provide these services when using the application.

System Change Rules

Android 6.0: Go to Apps, then Settings, then select Permissions, click Permissions, and then select Authorization or Restore. Under Android 6.0: players should upgrade to the latest operating system to replace the settings; otherwise, they will uninstall the application.

Your application may not support other ways to switch rights automatically, but you can do what I said above. If the operating system is older than Android 6.0, you cannot use the backup settings in the application.

We recommend that you upgrade to version 6.0 or higher. Note: Requested entry may result in termination or inability to access the game.

Which server do you need?

The Black Desert Mobile mod has three defined regions: Asia, Europe and America. Depending on your network speed, you can select the nearest zone where you are currently located.

However, once you have created an account in one area, you will not be able to transfer your account information to another area. Remember to check your distribution time zone on the left side of the game screen because there is a special time zone in everything and the game time follows this time. Time zone varies depending on local time.


Black Desert Mobile 4.6.21 Mod Apk has the best platform for maximum performance that can make the game perform better than expected in the PC version of Black Desert using the latest technology.

In addition, this MMORPG also includes special features for mobile platforms, so that players can expect new and unexpected experiences.

Each movement of the letter is easily modified and fine-tuned, leaving a positive impression on the viewer. Going forward, Black Desert Mobile will be the best mobile game in the history of mobile platforms.

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How to change power

Android 6.0 or higher: Settings> Applications> Select source> Permissions> Allow / reject

In Android 6.0: change the settings or remove the application with physical changes

The app itself does not provide a way to change rights, but you can do this.

Download Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk Latest Version

If the operating system is Android 6.0, unsupported application settings can be changed. We recommend that you upgrade to version 6.0 or higher. If you do not agree to the rules of access, the software will be affected or you will not be able to access the game.

Now Free Download Black Desert Mobile 4.6.21 Mod Apk Unlimited Money 2022 Latest Version Game and Enjoy!