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Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk

Boxing Gym Story 1.2.7 Mod Apk Unlimited Items/Points/Money Latest Version Game Free Download.

Thanks to real existence, as well as agile adaptations and determination, they support the development.  Boxing Gym Story is a fun game developed by Kairosoft Co., Ltd. Players participating in this game may try to arrange a place where boxers will be trained. The ultimate goal of this game is for the player to build a solid boxing club.

Introduction about Boxing Gym Story

Kairosoft is the developer and developer of Android games for iOS and Japan. Although their games Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk Unlimited Items have only been produced in Pixel 2.5D over 25 years ago, they have received a lot of love from gamers. Some of the best examples are Adventures Kingdom, Days House Days, and Dream Town Story.

Kairosoft released the Boxing Advertising Report recently. This is the best boxing game of all time. Currently, Boxing Advertising has a global format, which supports English, Chinese and Korean.

How to play

In the story of the gym, you have to be the one who started the gym. Your goal is to turn the gym into a training ground for the best boxers, Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk Unlimited Points helping to preserve the reputation of the most popular gymnasium in the city. At the beginning of this game, you will meet Anne Queensberry, a former boxing champion in the city. He will work as your secretary.

Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk Unlimited Points

Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk Unlimited Points

Through her experience, she will guide you through the process of doing the best workout. First, you need to start the exercise rules. The most convenient location may be on the road, near the city and at the train station. Once the training is completed, the boxers will arrive. You can hire them, train them and put them in the royal family.

Making Gym Room

Unlike other gymnasiums, Gym Boxing Stories does not train athletes to strength training. Here we train boxers. First, his physical condition and physical condition were very poor. One small gym with equipment is not enough to train boxers.

Early challenges will be a good motivation to improve the process of personal development of Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk Unlimited Money. Players will not participate in the game. You will be a full-time manager here. Initially, only a handful of boxers qualified to participate in major competitions.

At this time, you just have to bring them to small competitions, congregation meetings to clean them up and improve them. After a short time like this, they will improve and win more.

Train boxers to be winners

During Boxing Gym Story 1.2.7 Mod Apk, boxers will always come to your training center and ask you to join them. Each of them has unique characteristics, including strengths and weaknesses. This process will provide general information in written form. You can review them and decide whether to hire them. If you hire people, you have to put them in the same class. In each class, the training process is different and gives you a different fighting skill.

Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk Unlimited Points

Anyway, not all exercise strengthens Boxing Gym Story 1.2.3 Mod Apk. If an athlete is running or exercising too much, his or her health and weight may be slightly reduced. You can check out the benefits of the exercise by clicking on it. In addition, there are other topics you should consider to help your players win.

Depending on the hours available, you can learn more about the information, skills and stats of your opponents. If he is healthy, what skills do you think your gladiator should improve? It depends on the military class and the plan you want to take.

Here are some tips to strengthen your boxing shorts

The process of training boxers is not easy. You help him practice his skills, train his bodybuilding and do many other things so that he can defeat his opponents on stage. Boxers have their own stats. Aside from practice, there are other ways to improve your stats.

The brackets help the players increase some stats. You just have to pick the item and use it. Everything has a different effect. Dumbbells, for example, help improve health and lose weight. Salad helps restore health and mind quickly. In addition, the boxer can also prepare some costumes for him.
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Exciting Graphics

If you know a fighting game with big 3D graphics, the story of the gym game is different. Kairosoft Co., Ltd. brings old pixel graphics to help you remember any memory in old games. The advantage of this type of graphics is that players can be sure that the game will be successful on any type of device.

The amount of space required to download the game and the game is not too large. So, your phone will save a lot of space. Anyway, the quality of the TV is still full HD, so you can enjoy all the programs of the readers.

Download Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk Latest Version

There, boxers train best and get high prices in competition. In addition, the exercise program should be improved to attract more people. Overall, this is a magic game that combines blends to make the weather more appealing.

The in-game will also be a pleasure for everyone to watch. Box stats will generally be displayed next to the screen. In sports, you should pay close attention to these figures.

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