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Version 2.2.71
Updated November 29, 2022 (2 days ago)
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Cafeland Mod Apk

Cafeland 2.2.71 Mod Apk featuring cooking and restaurant management. There are many beautiful and beautiful dishes and different types of furniture that you can decorate and expand your restaurant. If you’re a fan of restaurant games, you can’t miss Cafeland.


Owning your own bar is something many people want, especially the youth. It is a place to show their interest, not just to make money. However, it is still a place of work, and as you know, business is not easy. Such work requires patience and planning on the part of the employer.

Many people love coffee, but they are not successful in business. If you too have an idea for opening a bar, but you don’t know where to start, Cafeland-World Kitchen is a good starting point for you.

Cafeland is a new bar management simulation game from GameGos. This restaurant is very large with many employees and different dishes and especially attracts many customers. However, this is only a beautiful future and the result of your efforts.
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This game is a selling game that is suitable for girls and teenage girls. Our coffee is rich in ingredients and processing tools. Cafeland is one of the great mobile games that can help you realize your dream of running your own cafe. You can cook, serve and try to please all customers.


Improve the reputation of the cafe by serving fast and creating an attractive interior that attracts more customers. Raise your hand, stand tall like a boss, and open Cafeland with the resources at your disposal.

Everything starts from scratch. At the start of the game, the players are served a small amount of coffee. It is ready to serve simple things like tea, coffee and simple bread. In fact, the number of customers is not large, and the profit is great.

Cafeland Mod Apk Free Shopping

Cafeland Mod Apk Free Shopping

But the little money you earn at each level can help you grow your cafe. You can build it according to your style and imagination. But keep in mind that the aim of Cafeland is to create a high quality 5 star cafe.

Expand Your Cafe

With the increasing number of customers, it’s time to upgrade your cafe. Selling a variety of drinks, food, doesn’t stop at the bar. Learn more recipes for new dishes and hire staff to perform various tasks. It’s not bad to offer fast food like pastries, pizza, or favorites like lobster and sushi. This gives customers more options and helps you increase sales.

As you know, no coffee in the world is the same; each coffee has its own style. Create a bar with your own style in Cafeland Mod Apk Free Shopping, which is also a way to attract customers so they will always remember you. At Cafeland – World Kitchen you can create your very own “coffee paradise”.

The seaside resort has beautiful golden sandy beaches accompanied by alcoholic drinks and good fish, small bars with bright lights and fun music. Many styles to choose from hundreds of beautiful decorations to help you complete your “paradise”.

Serve Your Guest

Click on the cooking pot or burger icon on the left side of the game screen to activate the cooking menu. At first, you can only cook for a short time. But as you level up and gain experience points, you can cook foods that take longer to cook.

Remember that the cookbook shows the cost of food and how much food it gives you, how much it costs to cook, and how much XP you get. Cook offline if your cafe is open. Look at the icon in the middle of the game screen, once the icon closes, click on it to open it and make sure you always cook your food before exiting the game.

After pressing Cook, the cook prepares food on the stove. Things can be different if fried, boiled or boiled. You don’t need to click multiple times to prepare like other cooking games, just click cook and wait.

Name Your Dream Cafe

After downloading the game, you will be prompted to name your wine. If you skip this step, the bar will automatically be set as “your coffee”. The game will give you short instructions to complete the tasks. After the mission, you will learn how to control the game.

Choose between the chefs who represent you and choose the type of staff. Cafeland 2.2.71 Mod Apk allows you to choose the nature and design of the avatar, facial features, hair and clothes of the staff. These plans can be changed for free.

To become famous in cafes around the world, you need to attract famous people and get good reviews. Lenders often have unique requirements and will satisfy all your enthusiasm. Make them happy, and in addition to hotel advertising, you will also receive special offers.

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Not only is it a restaurant with a varied menu, but its cafe has become a proper entertainment venue. The organization of large parties such as pool parties, musical evenings, will attract many customers, including celebrities. It’s an effective way to make your coffee known to the world.

Final Verdict

Do you dream of having a nice little coffee? With the new cafe game, Cafeland will get you ready to serve coffee and more. In Cafeland 2.2.71 Mod Apk take on the role of salesman, barista and cashier because it’s a small cafe, run it with one hand. Our guests will be able to sit indoors and outdoors and sample a variety of food and beverages. This means responding immediately so that others don’t take too long. Customers are limited.