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Version 1.735
Updated November 22, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
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Day R Premium Mod Apk

Imagine that you will pass through the hardships of a post-apocalyptic world with nothing else to endure. In a devastated world, his wife and children are lost.Get ready and start your journey through the vast and devastated USSR. Uncover the secrets of the accident and uncover your lost memories.


Want to go back to the 1980s to see forgiveness, the hard days of the Soviet Union? What do you think if living in an area where a nuclear bomb was caused by a war? With thousands of challenges and challenges to face, can you overcome them and continue to save your loved ones in your family?

It’s a historical game with no less horror, love of the gameplay. It set in the future where the nuclear war suddenly destroyed the world.

Imagine that you will wake up one day and find that everything around you have been destroyed. You don’t remember it and only a few emotions are unclear. All he can think about now is finding his wife and children.

Day R Premium Story

With no certainty that the future is uncertain, you must surely travel into the ruined lands and try to survive the temptations of the world that will follow the apocalyptic. On the other hand, he was still alone with his family, who knew that he would survive.

Watch out for food and storage items in abandoned homes. Find weapons to create yourself when you face monsters and enemies. Overcome debilitating diseases, reduce your appetite, etc.

Take your time exploring buildings and structures for objects, using your practical skills to create something useful.

In this game, you get a variety of things, from weapons, equipment to cars. During this time, you will find that your knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics in high school can be useful.

Day R Premium Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

Day R Premium Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

For the first time, Android gamers will have the opportunity to participate in this amazing hardcore survival game. Discover a vast and awesome world. Take the time to assemble and find out all that is needed for your repairs and equipment.

Find out for yourself the different types of problems that surround you. From the cold and hunger of post-apocalyptic Russia to dangerous zombies lurking around you.

Nor is it said that there is still a lethal radiation that can seriously damage your body. This game is not a game because you will usually have little time to slow down.

Enjoy a friendly environment

The creators of tltGames have transformed from a simple survival game to a fun survival game. That said, players can uncover things like time changes, big maps with hidden secrets, full surroundings and more.

In more than 2,700 different cities to explore, you will have the opportunity to experience the great Russian Empire from many angles. But beware of the animals around you, for in such a depressing world, even the little mouse can harm you.

Explore endless possibilities with skill tips

But it’s just nice to know a little bit about craftsmanship when you’re trapped in such a stupid world. That said, on Day R Premium, players will have the option to use creative creativity to create amazing art.

With items that can be found in all sorts of places, players can create amazing items that can help them in this war-torn world. That said, you can explore the unlimited Day R Premium opportunities and then create all kinds of art.

Collect hundreds of awesome arts, upgrade your skills to unlock artistic options and more.

Go on a fun adventure by nature

In a world of darkness, players will pass through the countries of the great Russia. Meet many strangers and join in their stories, explore many fun activities and help your friends.

Who knows, you might need their help in the future if you can. Follow interesting stories as you slowly reveal your secrets and broken memories.

Develop your character and improve their skills

In addition, Day R Premium requires players to be very powerful, not only in knowledge, but also how you apply it.

So, if you want to continue in this game, it is important to increase your skill through practice. In addition, you will also want to learn all the skills necessary for survival in the wild.

Learn how to build a car so you can build a beautiful structure or even a car to transport you quickly to different places.

Be a colorist and learn how to build powerful weapons and equipment that will help you on your survival journey. Finally, you can use the physical and chemical skills you learned while in high school.

Have fun online games

And to make the game more enjoyable, players also find online games fun and enjoyable. After you say this, you can join your friends in a fun interactive setting.

Gather battles against zombies and monsters threatening you. To help you, Day R Premium also includes an online chat that allows players to communicate effectively during games.

What’s more, you can also change your item so that both of you can take what they have. Check out the great multiplayer survival game in Day R Premium.

But if you like, you can cancel other online players in the fun survival game. Continue to the best survival experts in the world.

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Graphics and Sound of Day R Premium

From the start, Day R Premium players will find themselves in a dark, glowing and deadly world because of the environment and well-organized characters. On top of that, high-resolution images also make your experience more compelling.

In addition, this game is very fun for the main characters. As a result, you can access a much more developed world without delay or stunting.

However, if you are using a low-end device, the game may decrease when connected to the internet due to the large number of online players.

With stunning soundtracks and awesome music throughout their travels, Day R Premium players will find themselves immersed in Russia’s lost post-apocalyptic world.

Insert your headphones and feel the depth and breadth of the developed world map. Hear a little description of what’s going on around you.

Mod Features

For those who support survival games, Day R Premium may be one of your favorite Android games because of its Mod including free shopping, mod menu .

Not to mention that this modified game will enhance your experience. Have fun and immerse yourself in the music world of Day R Premium.