King of Avalon 14.9.1 Mod Apk Unlimited Money/Unlimited Gold

King of Avalon Mod Apk

King of Avalon Mod Apk


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Latest Version

Version 14.9.1
Updated December 7, 2022 (3 days ago)
ID com.funplus.kingofavalon
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King of Avalon Mod Apk

King of Avalon 14.9.1 Mod Apk unfolds an grand battles. In this game, you can do everything from head-to- head combat to strategizing, chancing abettors, and indeed having the power of the Dragon.

About King of Avalon

The long literal story in King of Avalon Dominion is only to explain the dangerous drift of the main character. In the time of King Arthur, the potent king that latterly generations still talk about, he remained loyal through numerous battles but passed down because of the painful treason of his whoreson Murdered.

The king’s body now rests in a fort atop the sacred Isle of Avalon alongside the formerly unequaled brand Excalibur. Someone who can revive, precious brand Excalibur will renew a new conglomerate, take the throne officially and unify the whole area.

Sorely, no bone has done this, indeed the snake. The entire area is now divided into small metropolises and numerous separate coalitions that are constantly fighting each other.

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Civil wars, heads and confusion of the people have made the formerly potent dynasty now gulfed in constant fire. Numerous icons have tried to go to the sacred land hoping to capture the potent brand, but all have failed. This extraordinary fortune is staying for your turn.


King of Avalon Dominion retells everything that takes place in the environment of medieval England, with a heroic grand fantasy color revolving around the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. You’re one of those Knights.

Having fought with Arthur for a long time. But times change, forcing you to temporarily hide from the adversary. But also nationalism and desire to bring peace to the whole world lifted you up.

Start with your teammates to make a important megacity, enjoying an grand army. The leader himself, the generals, and the dogfaces were each well- clued in combat chops. You’re also an extremely strategic idol. Dispatch, command, gather rookies, train, constrain and train Magic Dragons.

And eventually the long awaited day has come. You’ll wage numerous wars against other metropolises, thrusting to the top of Avalon holding the treasure brand Excalibur. Unifying the country and bringing everything back to the peaceful and prosperous old days is the ultimate thing of the player.


Our main task is to make an army, raise dragons, seize the brand Excalibur, and came the unifying King of an conglomerate. So, all your conduct no matter how small in the game revolve around this theme.

King of Avalon Mod Apk Unlimited Gold

King of Avalon Mod Apk Unlimited Gold

You’ll choose the alliance. And before each battle, you and your military abettors will prepare a lot of effects together similar as structure and upgrading military bases, marshaling large figures of colors, dividing forces, planning combat.

And remember in this war, the near success is, the more fragile the alliance come since you aren’t the only one with your eyes on the throne. The other megacity leaders who are abettors with you also have the same opinion.

King of Avalon Mod Apk

In this game, you also can apply all the tactics that you have done or known but not had the occasion to try similar as swing East and attack West, install intelligencers on adversary brigades, use scouts, intimately find out information about the adversary through wordless connections.

Each palm will help you unleash a new champion with fully different skill stats. These icons join the species that will help you raise your power to a new position. Together with the Dragon team, rush with your abettors to fight snappily and win.

Fight with the Fire Dragon, the zenith of the battleground

The stylish part of combat tactics isn’t the usual dogfaces presently, but the appearance of the Fire Dragons.

The fantasy world of King of Avalon Dominion allows you to grasp a secret that no bone differently can do Train Dragons. The magical fire dragon was a fabulous armament of mass destruction that any body coveted. You’ll capture dragons in fiery wild battles with them.

Once the Dragon has lined up, you’ll train and make them your noway- treason abettors. The attack power of a Dragon can be equal to that of a giant army. Their presence always gives a huge advantage and is a pivotal factor in the ultimate success.

Graphics and sound

The 3D space and innumerous detailed images that the game creates will take you into memorable literal moments. But the good point then’s numerous but not tangled, melancholy and pigmented with the woeful colors of battles but veritably heroic.

The images and robustness in Frost & Flame: King of Avalon are extremely pleasing to the player’s eyes. The light in the combat goods is also eye- catching. Each attack of the colors left a strong and decisive relish.

The change of sound as well as the transition goods also help to increase the sense of detail in each match scene. These interweaving spaces not only stimulate the player’s feelings but are also extremely suitable for the large-scale combat atmosphere in the game.

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The visual of character in King of Avalon Dominion is also not simple. 3D images, clear movements, top-down views, final discourses, problems with the corresponding character image will help you tie the whole story and understand the general situation.

Mod Features:

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlimited Gold
  3. Unlimited Everything
  4. Unlocked All
  5. Latest Version

Unleash new icons, gather them into the species of important generals, fight to stop the adversary, make the megacity Abd plan to coordinate with abettors to progress briskly in the process of junction country. Do all you can to come the new king of Avalon.