Nova Launcher 7.0.57 Mod Apk

Nova Launcher Mod Apk

Nova Launcher Mod Apk

7.0.57 Mod

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Version 7.0.57 Mod
Updated December 25, 2021 (9 months ago)
ID com.teslacoilsw.launcher
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Nova Launcher Mod Apk

Nova Launcher 7.0.57 Mod Apk Extra/Unlocked Latest Version App. Now You Can Free Download This App From Our Site.

For contented and old-fashioned carriers, the Nova Launcher Prime could be a great alternative. Especially with the first version, Android users can customize the look of their phone by using multiple themes and icons.

Introduction of Nova Launcher

What is Nova Launcher? The phone is slowly becoming a close friend. It helps us to communicate and have fun, and it can help us to work harder. If you start to think that the default results of Android OS are boring and you do not like it, you can use Nova Launcher to make your phone personal and stylish.

Nova Launcher Mod Apk Extra is a custom app from TeslaCoil. It works like your Android phone launcher, allowing you to customize the face, theme and app settings on the home screen. Android phone manufacturers are always trying to improve the performance of their operating system, but the model should be private.

Not all users are happy with the connection and configuration of a suitable size, so use an application like Nova Launcher to help you create your own style on your Android phone.

Mod Apk Version of Nova Launcher

Choose a topic that fits your style

Changing themes can make your phone more attractive. There are hundreds of themes to choose from, including themes like Universe, Christmas, Cat, Animal, Love, Super Heroes, and more.

In addition to changing the wall, the theme changes the entire structure, color, application icon according to the template. Feel free to find the right words for you.

Change application icon

In addition to content, application icons are also important to display your brand. The Nova Launcher Icon app store has thousands of different icons. It is updated daily to keep up with new applications.

Thousands of apps are published on Google Play every day. You can choose a symbol that fits your phone theme. Or, if that’s something to choose from, you can customize the icon for each application.

Dark conditions, night conditions

The night type continues to work. Most users look for when using Nova Launcher. Because during the day, we are all busy. Late is a great time to have fun on the phone, watch movies, read stories, and chat with friends on social media.

So our phone in night mode helps protect our eyes by turning on the phone light. You can set an automatic time (7:00 p.m. or 8:00 pm) for the Nova Launcher to enter the night mode.

Dark mode is also a battery safety mode and reduces the brightness of your Android device. It also removes bright colors, reducing glare when worn.

Application drawer function

Are there multiple apps on the screen? Nova Launcher Mod Apk Unlocked App Drawer helps you organize your application into one. The drawer has a number of vertical and horizontal motions as well as zoom effects depending on your preference.

The Nova Launcher prevents apps from appearing on the screen, making it easy to drag and drop apps in one place.

Backup data and restore

To make it easier for users to synchronize phone settings with the environment when switching to a new phone, Nova Launcher adds a cloud for data backup. Get in that you can sync your data to your new phone.

How to use Nova Launcher 7.0.57 Mod Apk?

After launching the app from the home screen, you will choose to make your Android phone a Nova Launcher display rather than an old one. So you can use it as a regular phone.

Does Nova Launcher slow down my phone?

However, it can happen when your Android phone is old and has poor settings. I use Xiaomi Note 8 Pro but there is no difference between Nova Launcher and Xiaomi starter. If your phone has a lot of RAM on the page, this application should work properly.

More Information: Google Play

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Lock Nova Launcher Prime for more options

To learn more about other great privacy features, you can buy the Nova Launcher Prime from the Google Play Store. Shortcuts for opening apps and widgets allow you to create gestures such as clicking, clicking and clicking on the home screen.

At the top of the lock screen, you will get complete information showing your unread information, emails, Facebook inbox, etc. This allows you to manage the minimum effort to control the communication and phone speed of your phone.

But if you have privacy issues on your device that you do not want others to see, they can also manage your device. You can use the space in the Hidden app which makes it more secure.

Download Nova Launcher Mod Apk

In addition to the features above, Nova Launcher has many beautiful features that allow you to monitor and customize the appearance of your Android phone. You will feel at home when your question is where you want it. The MOD APK version allows you to use the paid feature. Download this application from the link below.

Now Free Download Nova Launcher 7.0.57 Mod Apk Extra/Unlocked Latest Version App and Enjoy!