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Version 2.1.6
Updated April 20, 2022 (5 months ago)
ID com.haegin.overdox
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OVERDOX 2.1.6 Mod Apk Mod Menu/Unlimited Money/Unlimited Crystal/Dumb Monster Latest Version Game Free Download.

OVERDOX is a game that brings together two of the most popular and promising games from Korean inventor Haegin. There are numerous different titleholders for you to choose from for ruckus battles.

Feel the atmosphere of fierce competition as you face adversaries in real- time battles. The game has been mentioned a lot in the history but is now officially released encyclopedically.

Introduce about OVERDOX

The first thing that needs to be emphasized is that if you love the fiery slashing action scenes. You must play OVERDOX incontinently.

Next, for those of you who like to play ruckus combat and want to see the huge battleground. There’s one further reason to play OVERDOX.

Passing life and death ruckus combat

Before I go into detail, I would like to say that although the ruckus combat is small, it’s extremely instigative.

In OVERDOX, there are numerous icons. So, in any battle, you can choose your ideal idol, depending on your ruckus strategy and each idol’s speciality.

The last survivor is the winner.

OVERDOX Mod Apk Unlimited Crystal

The battles all concentrate on ruckus combat. Each battle lasts only about 5 twinkles. In that short time, from the first alternate, you can continuously slash to the adversaries.

Playing the game, you may both respect the beauty of the moves. And witness the extremely harsh feeling of life and death. It only takes a nanosecond of negligence to die right down.

One thing I love about OVERDOX is that not 100 or a many dozen. But a outside of 12 people are present in the arena. So, the scene chart is extremely small.

No need for open space, no need for elaborate chases. Just concentrate on the adversary in front of you, hit and slash until there’s no bone around. This is the game having the lowest battles I’ve ever played.

A typical MOBA game for mobile

OVERDOX is basically a traditional MOBA game. Consequently, your legionnaire will have a circle for a certain limited vision around. Which means you ca not see everything that’s going on the chart outside of the circle.

In return, more suitable with the spirit of ruckus battle, the character can do a lot of ruckus important manipulations. Like rushing into battle and attacking like stormy, dodging attacks, and defending. All ruckus chops from introductory to advanced are available.

Some unique particulars live in a short time, similar as energy columns that reduce adversary vision.

Everyone gets an upgrade. So does the legionnaire in OVERDOX. Besides Fighting, remember not to skip the gear pieces. They will help increase attack power, defense, stamina, and speed. In general, the further gear pieces you get, the better.

When all the pieces are complete, you’ll get a complete tool outfit. This outfit, in addition to adding the stats, also helps you to have special chops. Munitions, through them, are also upgraded to increase destructive power.

On the same chart and the same battleground but appearing in different angles will elicit in players different battle strategies. No strategy is the same and there’s no limit.

Fight endlessly with monsters along the way

On the chart, there are always a lot of monsters, further and further. So, in addition to fighting against 11 players trying to kill you, you also must fight with the monsters around.

Depending on the NPC adversary mass and chart conditions. You’ll choose the armament you have in your force to fight when entering the battle. Utmost of which are hammers and brands. Take advantage of the pieces to buff different stats as snappily as possible to hope to survive to theend.

However, OVERDOX 2.1.6 Mod Apk occasionally you can indeed get a many types of accompanying vehicles similar as a drone. To increase your chances of winning, If you work hard and are sharp.

Make musketeers with other players

The problem of a Battle Royale game is that not everyone likes to fight other players.

We do not want to execute any of the platoon. Predicting such a situation, OVERDOX provides an fresh Friendly Mode point. The friendly gamers will love this for sure.

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Graphics of OVERDOX

In OVERDOX, the beautifully designed plates aren’t inferior to the notorious. MOBA games on the request, with a top-down perspective pressing the bouncing ruckus scenes.

Special goods and character designs are a bit futuristic. Ultramodern mixed with a little riddle, creating a unique point, unlike any other game. The ranking system is, of course, necessary for any Battle Royal.

The game also provides a standing system that evaluates particulars similar as an attack. Defense, dexterity, and abidance, allowing you to compare your chops with other players around the world.

The advanced your rank, the bigger the prize, and at the same time will bring you more glory.

Download OVERDOX Mod Apk

The game has beautiful and sharp images and a top-down view to illustrate eye- catching ruckus scenes. Soldiers hit forcefully, any blow is decisive, and the sound is crisp.

However, it’s just the fear of being addicted, If there’s any reason not to play OVERDOX presently.

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