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Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk


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Version 1.30.3
Updated December 1, 2022 (1 week ago)
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Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk

Shadow Fight 3 1.30.3 Mod Apk is an unusual change in this fighting game series The lustrous black graphic style that inspired the name of the game now gives way to detailed 3D plates and true. The main character is no longer a fabulous legionnaire hidden in the dark, but a new face of Shadow Squad, whose name, gender and appearance are decided by you.

Introducing shadow fight 3

In this mod apk game, two veritably handsome icons fight against each other. This game is a durability of Shadow Fight 1 and 2. With the fashion ability of these games, Nekki plant is now working on the third series of this game, videlicet Shadow Fight 3. But moment, we’re proud to introduce the mod train of this game in the form of shadow fight 3.

The egregious difference between shadow fight 3 and shadow fight 2 is that in the alternate series. The fighters were fully like murk. But in the third series of this game, they’ve come good- looking and stalwart fighters. In this game, numerous munitions will be at your disposal that will promise you a beautiful game.

Also, the sound of shadow fight 3 is veritably exemplary and will fascinate you. It can be said, Nekki has made the game greatly bettered both in gameplay and plates, one of the stylish updates in the fighting game series of this popular game company. And it’s thanks to these factors that Shadow Fight 3 has entered the species of the stylish fighting games on every platform.

How to Play

Just like any other game in this kidney, you’ll press the button and use the joystick to launch a variety of attacks. From the flying covers and punches to the full-bloated strikes. More yet, you can also gain new chops during the game. Equip your character with the most unique fighting style.

Remember to fight hard, because the opponent can knock the armament down from you. And if the armament falls from your hand, you’ll have to fight your hand fully – unless summoning a dark force to help.

Different type of outfit for your character

In Shadow Fight 3, you’ll have the occasion to use different munitions and outfit. Upgrade your character indeed further with particulars that look incredibly like Batman’s Bane character face. Or munitions like double brands, daggers and nunchaku. Munitions and characters you choose will play a part in deciding your own unique fighting style.

The different outfit system makes Shadow Fight 3 a little bit of an RPG game. There are a lot of important legends that are awarded when you win in delicate stages. You can collect, use and upgrade as well as combine outfit to produce a set of dream fighting gear.

The game world is large and grueling

Shadow Fight 3 revolves around the power struggle of 3 Legion, Dynasty and Heralds coalitions. The Shadow Squad team of the Legion can control Shadow Energy, an important power source. However, your character will be suitable to use Shadow Form to increase speed, power If you’re full of energy. Do not be happy because the opponent can also find the power of darkness.

A world full of stories staying for you to discover After opting the body, you want to join, start training. As a new dogface in the Shadow Squad, you’ll have to defy the emperor’s pets with his own moves and munitions to come the fabulous shadow legionnaire.


  • Eye- catching plates and scrupulous attention to detail, which is a prominent point of shadow fight  games. This, along with the small size of the game, makes it great.
  • Instigative sound and sound play in different game situations.
  • Pay attention to the position of the juggernauts and use unique locales.
  • Using different munitions and freeing all munitions in the shadow fight 3.
  • Capability to choose a fighter, gender and combat mode.
  • Matching the game mode to the real mode and having addicting game play.
  • Retain magical powers and colorful ways to help duplication and non-uniformity of the game


Still, in Shadow Fight 2, our character will have only one mysterious black color, If ahead. After recovering its shape, the character has returned to full color on a fully new blockbuster 3D Graphics.

Shadow Fight 3 has elevated the position of a fighting game to a new position when applying advanced design technology to this game, giving players an extremely beautiful and quality plates, creating the world is alive and possibly authentic.

The visual of the game is fully refreshing from the character system, fighting chart … When playing, I’m impressed with the skill and quintet effect in the game, looks really monumental and thrilling.

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With what the game has shown, it isn’t exaggerating to say that Shadow Fight Mod Apk is one of the stylish fighting games of all time. Inherited gameplay from its precursor and new advancements, the new plates platform will surely make you and any fighting game sucker respect.

it’s time to return to the Shadow world and formerly again break the Shadow World.

Now Free Download Shadow Fight 3 1.30.3 Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems 2021 Latest Version Game and Enjoy!