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Torque Pro Mod Apk

Torque Pro Mod Apk


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Version 1.12.100
Updated September 23, 2022 (2 days ago)
ID org.prowl.torque
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Torque Pro Mod Apk

Torque Pro 1.12.100 Mod Apk Unlocked Latest version App. You Can Free Download This App From Our Server.

Not everyone can inspect a car with thousands of locations we do not even know it exists. And even for professionals, many can rely on the right technology and the ability to solve car problems. Therefore, OBD compatible devices are essential for any machine.

How does Torque Pro works?

This powerful app, now available on Android devices, allows users to easily check their car status using the app installed. Simply connect your Android device to your car using the OBD 2 connection. This allows you to quickly access your car’s operating system and open all the files you need.

By default, most cars have solid OBD 2 engine control, which is an upgrade to a real OBD. The system is integrated with all vehicles and must provide all necessary medical information related to the machine.

Now available for Android devices, Torque Pro eliminates the need for users to rely on inherited devices to connect to the OBD 2 system. Instead, all you need is a Bluetooth OBD II adapter and a Torque Pro app on your device.

Where you can get heat, dynamometer, horsepower, torque, CO2 emissions and many other benefits related to your car. Take a good look at your car by getting free access to it from different companies. Just tweet GPS signal for help.

Torque Pro Mod Apk Unlocked

Submit your login details via website or email for posting or distribution. Lock your personal user profile in Torque Pro with many settings and modifications. Use the Torque Pros recorder to record animated videos. Turn the compass to see directions. Lock HUD at night for safe driving.


Customers interested in this wonderful mobile app will want to purchase a paid version from the Google Play Store. In addition, a Bluetooth OBD II adapter is required to connect the application to the car. And finally, carrying a smartphone in a car can be useful for controlling the process.

For the app itself, the system must have full access to open the app in full screen. So the first time you log in to this app, you have to accept the request. In addition, to be compatible with your operating system, your Android device must have the latest firmware, preferably Android 4.1 or higher.


If we talk about the main features of Torque Pro, there are many of them. Key features include:

  • You can customize Torque Pro to suit your needs.
  • Perfect engine control.
  • Accessories in the car (depending on the type of car tested).
  • Read and delete the car engine area.
  • Keep the car low for inspection afterwards.
  • 7 desktop can be configured with different navigation sensors.
  • Updated information on digital graphics, calling and effects.
  • Use the widget in your app or create a new one.
  • This is for choosing an alarm location for the movement of a useful sensor.
  • Download the path to the server and save it to view the path on your PC.

Description of the mod

Torque version Pro is easy to use and extends the functionality of the app. For example, you can create multiple profiles for different cars and then customize multiple widgets on the screen. This feature can also activate the bluetooth itself. Unfortunately, as a legal document, it is useful.

Torque Pro 1.12.100 Mod Apk is a unique upgrade that will benefit any car owner. Self-driving cars are a way to gain independence, push boundaries, expand opportunities and develop new experiences. Travel, business trips, family vacations, city tours, movies and events – it takes on new meanings when people are racing to drive.

Unless some people become angry and fearful, sometimes exposing all kinds of unbelief. Many of these disorders are related to certain types of mental illness, disability or depression.

This upgrade will help eliminate uncertainty and become an important aid not only for new pilots, but also for professionals.

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With so many benefits, it is not surprising that many users find the Torque Pro they are looking for. However, if you do not want to pay a lot of money to open it, then choosing a free and open source application on the website is a better option.

Here we offer all the installed features that you can enjoy without ads or app purchases. All you have to do is download and install the Torque Pro Mod APK and follow the instructions provided.

Download Torque Pro Mod Apk Latest Version

Prepare to get into the dangerous Torque Pro application, essential for car owners. OBD support makes it easy to track and diagnose problems in your car system through the app. At the same time, enjoy working on a variety of skills that will enhance your driving experience.

Now Free Download Torque Pro 1.12.100 Mod Apk Unlocked Latest version App and Enjoy!