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Zero City Mod Apk

Zero City Mod Apk


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Version 1.36.1
Updated November 30, 2022 (1 week ago)
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Zero City Mod Apk

Zero City 1.36.1 Mod Apk Unlimited Cryptocoins/Free Shopping/Mod Menu 2022 Latest Version Simulation Game Free Download.

This game Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival from creator BEINGAME LIMITED. Zero City is a magic game based on zombie movies or TV series like The Walking Dead. As a result, it earned an impressive 4.7-star rating and was selected in the top 10 on Google Play in July 2019.

This game is sure to capture the attention of gamers when it comes to the campaign is based on a single story. In addition, it also offers one type of game and many more, allowing players to play individually or as a team whenever they want. So, let’s see what this game is about and why it can attract so many people like it.

About Zero City

Zero City Mod Apk Unlimited Free Shopping is based on an experimental laboratory that spreads the virus developed for bioengineering around the world. This experimental virus transforms the human population into zombies before it becomes another species and infects many people.

Zombies are different. For example, many are just walking bodies, while others are more intelligent and superhuman. Importantly, there must be a zombie with the ability to control others as a leader. This leader, known as the Master, is a cunning warrior and leads his army of zombies in search of human safety. Hero factory Mod Apk you may also like this game.

Sadly, the Vault leader was killed in a zombie attack, leaving many survivors. The survivors are confused and scared, so they choose a player as their new leader. The player will now be considering a defense plan against any upcoming zombie attacks. This is where your game starts.

How to play

In the case of Zero City Mod Apk Mod Menu, it is as simple as other magic games as a final memory: survival. Basically, you buy something, organize one, and plan to prepare against zombie armies.

Then the fight will take place and the environment does not work. The player will drop and fight the enemy to the end. During a game, if a player is having difficulty, they may need help.


Zero City Mod Apk Free Shopping

Zero City Mod Apk Free Shopping

For example, you can make an air call or heal your unit. Shelters play an important role in the game, the main source of immersion.

In other words, you will also have to work with your advisors, officers, doctors or other military personnel to organize various tasks and resources to help you. to do that.

Zero City Mod Apk Free Shopping

However, the game improves the difficulty level by asking you to leave the refuge and escape to Zombies to retake the city. In addition, you can send your teammates to hire or perform special rescue.

Like, you shop for certain items and take care of storing food in bulk. In addition to managing a refuge, you can also complete stories that go through different communities of residents who became zombies.

Build and manage shelters

It is necessary to build and upgrade storage. Then you can ask the workers to build a strong, important warehouse. During the break in the middle of a fight, you need your refuge to hide. So, you have to focus on empowering these refugees so that they are safe and efficient and you can give more to the survivors than ever before.

To promote safety, you will need many resources including plants, food, reagents and money. So, you have to work hard to win, win other players and open the box.

Increase population size

To keep track of the number of survivors and develop a large population, we will put them to work. Ask, and you will teach them skills so they can improve their reputation. Moreover, it allows them to verify the information they have acquired. Civilian training is also important if you want them to use better weapons and equipment.

Choose Equipment

To fight a zombie attack, you need to equip yourself with useful weapons, etc. In this game, players can create weapons and equipment that are suitable for their troops. You will lead your team to pass all the tests in the New World and you will try to survive using all the weapons you have. Remember that your teammates will face a hundred attacks of enthusiasts and zombies.

Features of Zero City Mod Apk

There is free cash on video ads, fake passports, and game packages. After the meal, you will have the option to watch video ads to complete the meal. Displaying ads also allows you to get free credit cards, empty boxes, or waste training time for your residents.

For those who are willing to spend money, there are many special offers or cryptocurrencies. You can use these coins to do the gym, build, or buy food and cash. A possible option is a spare pass, which lasts from 15 to 30 days. Also, it also gives you many benefits to improve your productivity.

-Beware happy
-Reduce time to build, upgrade and organize items
-Increasing daily budget-
-Double pay for daily users
-Make quick attacks

By reaping these benefits, your progress will be accelerated from the beginning. However, spending money on this game is not legal, since you can still move forward. Instead, it will take time.

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Graphics of Zero City

You will find that Zero City 1.36.1 Mod Apk is not the most fun game. The physics and movement of this game are weak, and the characters are not well written. Although the visual part of the game is not fun, it is not the worst and can reduce the required memory space on your mobile. During the game you will see all the homes on the first screen, it is very likely that it will be well defined.

As the number of people increases, you should watch everything. Then you can change the game to HD quality if you want by going to settings and turn on HD mode. Everything will be clearer and more detailed when you restart the game.

  Download Zero City Mod Apk Latest Version

Overall, Zero City is a great option if you like magic games. It immerses you in a fun and ongoing game. While it doesn’t mean it’s the best game among many games, it’s easy to play and offers a rewarding experience.

Now Free Download Zero City 1.36.1 Mod Apk Unlimited Cryptocoins/Free Shopping/Mod Menu 2021 Latest Version Game and Enjoy!